Thursday, 29 May 2008

Katie's Paintings 2008 - Commissions & Gifts


Present for my colleague after her wedding on Friday 23rd May 2008

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Des's Paintings 2008 - Miscellaneous

Des's Paintings 2008 - Miscellaneous

Pop Art - Jesus Christ April 2008

Pop Art - Freddie Mercury April 2008

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Sunday, 16 March 2008


1ST Exhibition May 2008

Our 1st exhibition is fast coming round and we are currently working hard for this and will keep you posted, as and when we work out what paintings we intend to enter.

The exhibition is being held at The Tithe Barn in Sproughton, commencing with an open evening Friday from 7.30 to 10.30pm with Cheese & Wine. Tickets are £6 and can be purchased on the door. It will be open Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday for viewing of the many different paintings. This event is organised by The Lions Club for charity and this year they are donating the proceeds to The Ipswich Hospital Eye department.

Well we have sorted our paintings out and you can see below the ones we are entering:

Des's Paintings

Original Oil Painting By Des Welham

Bramford Church

Original Oil Painting By Des Welham
English Countryside

Original Oil Painting By Des Welham

Falling Waters

Limited Edition Framed Print of Original Oil Painting By Des Welham


Limited Edition Prints of Original Oil Painting By Des Welham

Katie's Paintings

Original Oil Painting By Katie Welham

Call of the Wild

Original Oil Painting By Katie Welham

Purple Peaks

Original Oil Painting By Katie Welham

Hart of the Forest

Limited Edition Framed Print of Original Oil Painting By Katie Welham
Bamburgh Castle

Limited Edition Prints of Original Oil Painting By Katie Welham

Bamburgh Castle

We attended our first exhibition preview evening. This was an exciting event for us and was good to see our paintings hung and on display. It is actually very exciting and my professional artist sister was very encouraging. Not only did she support us by wanting to attend the opening evening, but her comments were a source of encouragement.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

KaDe's Arty News

KaDe's News

This area will be for a slot where you can view the most recent projects, ideas etc that we are working on, but not just about our interest in art.

March 2008

Yesterday, we had a private class with our wonderful tutor Sue, when we painted her subject Remember a day. As we have never painted snow before, this was a new experience. We also learnt how to do different trees foliage, with a lacey effect and 2 figures in the painting. Having said that Des has been putting figures in a few paintings already, but this was a new experience for Katie. As soon as paintings dry enough to photograph we will publish them .................

We are currently preparing for our forthcoming (1st) exhibition in May. SCARY or what!!!!! Katie doesn't want to sell Bamburgh Castle, so Des has said he will get a print of it for her to put in exhibition and one to put in the counselling room. I have also been working on a variation of Amber Amblings but with a deer in the background and a sunset with a wolf. Sue also suggested that paint a local scene. I have not decided whether I will try to paint Sproughton or Bramford Church.

I have been busy this month with counselling work and designing and re-developing my therapeutic courses this month so unfortunately have not had that much time for painting at home. Although, I am still facilitating the Art Group at work on Tuesday afternoons and unfortunately our new volunteer art tutor has now got a job, so will probably be leaving soon.

Des & Katie were getting bored with signing there names in english and have therefore been exploring other options, namely: Hebrew, Greek, Egyptian and Runes (from the Vikings apparently). They decided on Runes, Des has mastered his, Katie is still working on hers:

February 2008

I spent most of yesterday evening uploading my sisters work She is a professional artist and has been so since she was quite young. I have always seen her as brilliant since I was very small, which put me off even trying to paint until last year. Some of her early work can be seen here .

During our painting class this month Sue suggested that we enter our 1st ehibition in May! We came home and requested the registration forms and have started thinking about which paintings we might enter or which new ones we might paint. So watch this space !!!!!!!!!

January 2008

Been to Sue's for 1-1 lesson on Bamburgh Castle, as I love purple Sue allowed me to do it in purple today. I normally enjoy attending her classes with my husband and have only ever been on my own - once before. It is really nice for a change to have Sue all to myself, expecially today as this was a intermediate class!

As always Sue ( is brilliant, patience & understanding could be her middle name. I also had the bonus of sharing my chair with the delightful Ziggy.

Well as you can see on 'our paintings from lessons', we attended a new lesson last weekend with painting subject: 'Golden Brown'. This was not the topic we went to do, but as is often the case with our creative instructor, she showed us the work she had been busy undertaking, which resulted in us deciding to do this subject instead!

Thanks Sue, as usual a wonderful relaxed day. Sue has a kitten (well he is growing up now) called Ziggy. He is a little sweetie, who likes to watch the painting, till he falls asleep on one of our chairs (whilst Sue is demonstrating the next stage). Sue also has another cat called Ripley, but we do not often see him, as we are animal lovers this adds to our painting sessions!

Despite the fact that Des (his painting seen here)

& I were painting the same topic you can see that our paintings are quite different! It is relaxing in itself to spend time with Sue as she is has so much patience and understanding and the actual painting, as well as Ziggy is a good way to chill and unwind from the stresses of the week.

For some time now we have been thinking about showing our paintings, but neither of us have much understanding & knowledge of running a website (our business ones are looked after by other people). Unfortunately, we did not consider this to be a viable option for the paintings as we need to be able to update it regularly, without relying on others to do it for us. Sue (Art Tutor) suggested this - which seems to be manageable for even me. I am quite PC literate having designed my own Therapeutic Courses for about 7 years now, but that is mainly word/powerpoint/publisher etc.

Forthcoming Projects

We love Scotland and usually return at least once a year - to the 'wilds of Scotland' beauty & peace, so it is now wonderful to be able to capture the beauty on to canvas. We started some projects when we were there in November, which we will hopefully complete soon and will post them when done.

Misty Morning Dec 07

Misty Morning   Dec 07
My interpretation of Magic Brush Art - Jack Kolber